Torres del Paine (Chile)

Hi !

I knew Parque Nacional Torres del Paine would be one of the highlight of this journey in South America. Trekking the W circuit was incredible, but left me unsatisfied of not spending more time chilling in the wonder of nature. So I came back for another three days.

Instead of going through a lengthy description, I’ll leave you with the picture I took from various viewpoint (mirador) during this second trip to the park.

Torres del Paine from Villa Rio Serrano
Torres del Paine (from Villa Rio Serrano)
Torres del Paine from Mirador Rio Serrano
Torres del Paine (from Mirador Rio Serrano)
Paine Grande from Hotel Lago Grey
Paine Grande (from Hotel Lago Grey)
Torres del Paine from Rio Serrano
Torres del Paine (from Rio Serrano)
Los Cuenos
Los Cuernos
Los Cuernos from Mirador Cuernos
Los Cuernos (from Mirador Cuernos)
Torres del Paine (from Mirador Lago Sarmiento)

I only regret not seeing the other side of this mountain. I should eventually return in a few years to try the O circuit (plus a couple other trek and some kayaking). The good part is that been familiar with this park now, it should be rather easy to plan for it.

Enjoy (or not) and stay tuned !

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